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flavouring homemade yoghurt

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thefootofourstairs Thu 03-Jan-19 13:11:22

I got a yoghurt maker for Christmas smile and have made my first batch, which to me tastes lovely plain .
Ds2 is used to eating very high sugar shop bought ones , no bits allowed hmm and lots of them ( teenage , hollow legs ) and wasn't impressed with my offering .
I need ideas of how to flavour the yoghurt so that it is healthier, but still appealing to DS2 .

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Nnnnnineteen Thu 03-Jan-19 19:10:59

Could you make a fruit puree to stir in? Total ball ache but if bits aren't allowed you could make lots and freeze in ice cube trays to have a small amount to defrost and add in.

Blondie1984 Fri 04-Jan-19 01:32:05

A small spoon of honey or maple syrup stirred in - gradually reduce the amount as he gets used to it being less sweet
Add fresh fruit like sliced mango, peaches, mashed berries or stewed fruit like apple,pears and plums

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