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What kind of rice do I need to recreate this?

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TheUselessGiraffe Sat 29-Dec-18 09:10:09

I came across this online quite a while ago. I think it was on a Turkish website because I remember everything was written in Turkish. Anway, I saved the pic but I forgot to bookmark the link blush I’m assuming the person used a bundt tin? What kind of rice will I need? And how I shape it as the pic? Will I need cling film? 🤔

Any suggestions?


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MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Sat 29-Dec-18 09:13:12

that looks like your average long grain it some sort of stroganoff affair??

have you reverse searched the photo? you might find the original recipe.

CherryPavlova Sat 29-Dec-18 09:14:07

Looks like Basmati but could use long grain. Mix in some egg white and warm through to set in a bunch tin. Grease tin beforehand to ease out. Don’t use cling film if warming. Alternatively, i guess you could use cling film and not rinse rice so that starch and firm pressure held it together. Might be easier to,use a springform tin for first attempt.

MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Sat 29-Dec-18 09:18:40

here you go....All you need now is a turkish translator!

MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Sat 29-Dec-18 09:23:51

i found the translate button, recipe calls for Baldo rice which is a short sticky rice, and it says to sub arborio if you haven't any

although I am not sure that is short grain in the picture

TheUselessGiraffe Sat 29-Dec-18 10:24:41

Thanks everyone tbusmile I didn’t know I could reverse search something on google blush

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TheUselessGiraffe Sat 29-Dec-18 10:25:16

@MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Where’s the translate button? Can you please screenshot it? Can’t find it 🙈 Just for future reference, in case there are other recipes that catch my eye. Thanks star

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MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Sat 29-Dec-18 14:42:40

i am on the laptop so it just pops up chrome but it sometimes takes a while though
I think you can set that up if you have a google account/gmail

reverse search is right click on picture, and select "search google for this image" and then scroll through the results as required.

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