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Starters for a Chili meal?

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cactustime Thu 27-Dec-18 07:47:17

I have 18 for lunch tomorrow and am planning a big slow cooker meat Chili, a vege version, rice, guacamole & salsa but I just wanted to know what else. Do I need a starter? What nibbles pre the meal? I'm having to feed kids first (sadly no room to all eat in one sitting) then adults (some are elderly) so they'll need something to munch on while the kids eat. Any ideas please - or complete menu change??
My main oven is broken by the way so has to be stove top cooked. Thank you

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squee123 Thu 27-Dec-18 07:56:42

I'd be inclined to do the salsa and guacamole as a nibbly starter with tortilla chips and veg sticks for dipping rather than doing the salsa and guac with the meal.

Alternatively you could do something like these which are delicious and serve on cocktail sticks so they are easy to pick at whilst the kids are eating. You can avoid doing them in the oven by just pan frying the prawns before you add them to the sauce.

RogueV Thu 27-Dec-18 08:00:14

Nachos/tortillas and dips

primoestate Thu 27-Dec-18 08:07:12

Do a dip and tortilla chips.
My favourites are a hot pinto bean dip (made in the microwave) and a layered dip.
Let me know if you want the recipes.

Bluesheep8 Thu 27-Dec-18 08:38:08


Cherries101 Thu 27-Dec-18 08:40:49

Cheese quesidillas are easy. Pop in a tortilla, add grated cheese, pop over another tortilla, and then filp until firm. You can cut them into 4 slices with a pizza cutter and serve with dipping sauces.

choppolata Thu 27-Dec-18 08:49:58

I second quesadillas in a frying pan, quick and easy. @primoestate please do share the bean dip recipe!

primoestate Thu 27-Dec-18 11:22:19

The bean dip is the easiest thing ever.

Can of pinto beans, drained
Soured cream
Grated cheese, I use cheddar

Whizz the pinto beans in a food processor till nearly smooth.
Add soured cream (I like lots) and salsa (I don't use much) to taste. Put into the serving dish (make sure it's microwaveable). Pile grated cheese on top.
Heat in microwave, stir melted cheese through slightly.
Serve with tortilla chips.

You can add fresh chopped chili stirred through at the last minute with the cheese.

choppolata Thu 27-Dec-18 11:55:52

Yum! Thanks primo!

primoestate Thu 27-Dec-18 11:57:53

Let me know if you like it. I think it's delicious!

primoestate Thu 27-Dec-18 12:00:45

I think the quesadillas dipped in the pinto bean dip would be heavenly!

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