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HELP gingerbread dough rock hard

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drspouse Wed 26-Dec-18 09:43:26

I froze Mary Berry gingerbread house dough and it's been in the kitchen defrosted overnight (so not in the fridge) but now it's too hard to roll out and just crumbles!

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wowfudge Thu 27-Dec-18 19:18:21

I don't know if you managed to sort this out, but warming it a little in the microwave might help. Was it definitely defrosted btw?

drspouse Thu 27-Dec-18 21:23:09

It was defrosted overnight, microwave didn't help, I ended up blitzing it with a splash of milk.
Also the royal icing recipe was rock solid and wouldn't come out of the piping nozzle so I had to add water.
All round a let down from St Mary!

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