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Anybody help me meal plan? Weird requirements!

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TinselTimes Wed 26-Dec-18 08:53:18

Can anybody help me meal plan please? Aiming to eat better in the new year but we have odd requirements and I’m struggling!

1 adult, who hates fish, beans, lentils and mushrooms. Wants to lose weight.

1 adult who is vegetarian and gluten free.

2 small children who only like dry foods, neither will eat any kind of soup/stew/sauce.

Any ideas on where to start? I can’t keep cooking 3 separate meals each day!

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Sexnotgender Wed 26-Dec-18 08:56:26

Vegetarian and gluten free is quite tough!

Will you eat quorn? The mince is edible and you can use it to make chilli, cottage pie, moussaka etc.

Why will the children only eat dry food? How old are they?

Highcontinental Wed 26-Dec-18 09:08:10

Never mind the children, if the first adult isn’t you then I’d suggest they eat what you cook or cook for themselves.

Tofu marinated is good in stir fries and you can crisp it too if you like. Rice noodles and veggies, and can be suitably “dry”

Frittatas with various fillings; baked potato with cauliflower cheese.

Gluten free pittas or wraps with veggie sausages or grilled halloumi with roasted veg, maybe garlicky Greek 0% yoghurt and salad.

TinselTimes Wed 26-Dec-18 09:49:48

Quorn is out I’m afraid, upsets my tummy!

The eldest child is 4, youngest 2. The eldest seems to have some sensory issues (he won’t even eat ice cream, he really can’t cope with any kind of wet food). The youngest is 2 and I think is just copying the eldest tbh, I’m trying to keep offering wetter foods but they are often not eaten.

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TinselTimes Wed 26-Dec-18 09:50:50

The vegetarian and gluten free thing is actually not that bad - lots of rice and beans, or veggies and cheese in GF wraps etc. The problem is that nobody else in the family will eat that!

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IDismyname Wed 26-Dec-18 09:57:32

Try and find an ingredient That everyone will eat. Rice, rice noodles, pasta (GF) or baked potatoes. Then do fillings or toppings to suit?

Frittata a good idea. Maybe pizzas? You can get GF bases.

Ricekrispie22 Wed 26-Dec-18 12:06:12

Egg fried rice

TinselTimes Wed 26-Dec-18 12:31:07

Thank you, some good ideas here!

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