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Turkey help

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TheNativityDonkey Tue 25-Dec-18 08:24:22

Ive been poorly this week so dh bought a Sainsbury's Turkey and prepped it.
Ive just put it in the oven but now realise I don't know what size it is for my rough cooking time guide.
All I recall is the packaging saying is feeds 12 to 14.
I've not stuffed it but dh filled cavity with onion oranges and Apple. Alao layered it with 3 packs of streaky bacon and butter.

Ive bungee it in at 180 for now but I usually cook my turkeys slow and low after the first hour to prevent it drying out and remain tender, but not knowing my weight has thrown me. I usually kind of know my timings if I know the weight. It's not helped as it's larger than most years as we have 10 to dinner!!

Any tips appreciated.

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TheNativityDonkey Tue 25-Dec-18 08:25:37

Forgot to say the packaging has gone to the tip thanks to super efficient hubby yesterday.

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