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What to use in stuffing instead of pecans

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northender Mon 24-Dec-18 20:36:09

Trying a new recipe but have no pecans. I've got almonds, Brazil nuts, pine nuts & walnuts. What would you use?

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Daisydoesnt Mon 24-Dec-18 20:42:48

any of those nuts will be a good substitute -

AdaColeman Mon 24-Dec-18 20:44:31

Walnuts would be the closest.

OneStepMoreFun Mon 24-Dec-18 20:44:44

Walnuts with a dash of maple syrup do a good impersonation of pecans.

northender Mon 24-Dec-18 20:53:19

Thanks, walnuts it is then. The recipe has some maple syrup in it so that's sorted!

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