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Help I need a cake topper soon!

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drspouse Mon 24-Dec-18 17:57:18

DS birthday party is Jan 2nd and I wanted to get a dog cake topper to go on his cake (a specific kind to fit with the party theme).
All the eBay options say delivery from 2nd Jan, I should have thought of this a while ago I realise!
I'm going to ring a local cake shop on Thurs but are there premade options as I know many of the eBay suppliers make to order.

BikeRunSki Mon 24-Dec-18 17:58:54

Could you do a photo cake st Asda?
Model/toy dog?

drspouse Mon 24-Dec-18 18:05:23

I'm not completely sure I can get a toy just right locally but a photo cake would be good with a graphic of the theme.
Do you know if any of the supermarkets do just the topper from a photo? Of COURSE DS has been specific about the flavour too confused

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