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One large cake vs mini cakes - advice please!

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RaisinRainbow Sun 23-Dec-18 20:10:30

Cake prep/serve dilemma - please advise!

I'm about to make a mango cheesecake as a Christmas dessert - requested by my DS. I know that it will only be me and her eating it. ( It will be raw vegan cheesecake which will not go well with the others who are into trifle and tiramisu.

The issue is - do I make a regular sized cheesecake which will be far too much surely. Or use mini tart pans - I've had these delivered

I really dont want to waste ingredients and have left over cakes around, plus this type don't keep well.

These seem fine for one person, but I'm thinking they could be insufficient for Christmas, the one day to really have plenty of everything. Would it be strange to make multiple mini cakes so as to have spares? Is the large one better even if its really too large?

I dont want to have left overs

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yaela123 Sun 23-Dec-18 20:21:45

I don't think making multiple smaller cakes is necessarily strange - it sounds more practical in this situation

RaisinRainbow Sun 23-Dec-18 20:33:02

Thanks, yaela
Mini cakes can look really nice too.

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