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Aldi's Black Forest Mince Pies :)

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rockingthelook Sun 23-Dec-18 15:15:04

What can I say?? these are just divine, don't taste too much of mince meat, have a chocolate pastry with chocolate chips and morello cherries, so nice, daren't look at the calories sad

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OliviaStabler Sun 23-Dec-18 15:20:47

Just tried the Heston chocolate and sour cherry mince pies and loved them. Didn't look at calories either fblush

Doublevodka Sun 23-Dec-18 15:21:03

Have you tried the Aldi almond mince pies? Oh my god, they are the best. They sell out really quickly every year so when I saw them I bought 6 boxes!

Rockbird Sun 23-Dec-18 15:23:47

Expected to hate the Heston ones but oh my God they were lovely.

Vitalogy Sun 23-Dec-18 15:25:37

Oow they sound nice. I love choc/cherry things.

OliviaStabler Sun 23-Dec-18 15:32:58

Expected to hate the Heston ones but oh my God they were lovely.

I was also sceptical but they were lovely. I can't get another box now, no Waitrose near us. Will have to eek these out

MuffinMad Sun 23-Dec-18 15:36:55

Totally agree. I tried their salted caramel mince pies and found them to be awful! Hardly any filling and couldn't taste the salted caramel.
Was a bit apprehensive buying the Black Forest ones, but shouldn't have been. They are gorgeous! Well filled with mince meat with a chocolatey crisp pastry and the little hidden choc chunks. 😋

Went today to get another box and they're sold out.

LittleLlamaontheduskyroad Sun 23-Dec-18 18:43:48

I so want to try these, but we have so much stuff to get through that I couldn't justify them.

Nanalisa60 Sun 23-Dec-18 18:47:02

Don’t look at calories just enjoy!! 2nd January is the time to start worrying about calories!!

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