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Is there any way of making soft ginger bread hard?

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MaureenMLove Sun 23-Dec-18 13:02:25

Major screw up. My gingerbread is too soft for house construction. Before I attempt it anyway and then watch it all fall apart, has anyone got any pearls of wisdom for me.

I can't be arsed to start all over again. I'll have to change it all into gingerbread men, trees and stars I suppose.

KlutzyDraconequus Sun 23-Dec-18 13:03:30

Show it some ginger porn.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 23-Dec-18 13:04:50

This is a complete guess, but could you put it back in the oven on a really low heat for a while?

Cherries101 Sun 23-Dec-18 13:04:58

Try icing them then using baking glue.

CmdrIvanova Sun 23-Dec-18 13:05:07

Ginger porn 😂😂😂literal Lol there.

Could you re-bake it? Or even lightly toast it?

cheesywotnots Sun 23-Dec-18 13:06:32

Put it in the fridge or bake it to death

redsummershoes Sun 23-Dec-18 13:08:42

another half our in the oven at 50 degrees should do.

RangeRider Sun 23-Dec-18 13:09:17

I would have said the oven again.

DoYouLikeBasghetti Sun 23-Dec-18 13:10:39

grin gringrin

MaureenMLove Sun 23-Dec-18 13:16:17

. gringrin Very funny KlutzyDraconequus ! Thanks for that!

Thanks all. I've shoved it back in the oven to see if it'll help. It's only the roof bits that are bad tbh, but because they're the biggest, they are the most likely to collapse.

Industrial strength icing it is then!

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