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Cider alcohol cooking off times

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bumblebee39 Sun 23-Dec-18 10:55:27

How long will it take to cook off a can of cider in with the gammon?

What about mulled with mostly apple juice? Or will it still be alcoholic?

Aiming for 0% alcohol if possible!

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Ifailed Sun 23-Dec-18 11:02:52

Alcohol (or ethanol to be precise) boils at 78 degrees, so if the entire liquid is boiling, it's certainly reached that. You could research Fick's first law of diffusion to calculate how long it would take for the alcohol to boil away, or just assume it's all gone after 1/2 hour or so!

bumblebee39 Sun 23-Dec-18 11:09:04

It's going to be on a while but will make sure to boil it off for 1/2 hour
It's only 4% or something

I never think about it when I cook with wine

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Ifailed Sun 23-Dec-18 11:15:49

PS you do need to boil with the lid off, otherwise the alcohol will just condense on the inside of the lid and drop back into the liquid.

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