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How much of a veg tart can I make in advance?

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Neolara Sat 22-Dec-18 18:26:47

I'm making a vegetable tart for Xmas eve supper. It's pastry, roasted veg in an egg/ ricotta / cream. Sort of a fancy quiche I guess.

I'd like to make as much of it in advance as possible because we're off to the panto and will get back and want food asap.

We leave for family tomorrow morning and I'm wondering if I make it before I go, will it be OK with a quick heat up in the oven? Or should I just blind bake the pastry tomorrow so that it's ready to fill? Been cooking all day and loosing the ability to make decisions........

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MoMandaS Sat 22-Dec-18 18:32:32

Do the components but don't combine them. So roast the veg (let cool then put in tub in fridge), blind bake pastry, let cool, cover and fridge, beat ricotta and add any herbs or seasoning but I don't think I'd add the eggs until the day.

MoMandaS Sat 22-Dec-18 18:34:26

Or you could make and cook the whole thing and heat for 15 minutes, covered with foil when you get back, but I think you might be risking a soggy bottom!

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