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Slow cooker cauliflower cheese yay or nay

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Dirtygirtyisthirty Sat 22-Dec-18 10:01:42

Would it be ok? And should I pre boil the cauliflower slightly?

Was thinking to make the cheese sauce up, boil the cauli for 5 mins or so then chuck it all in the crockpot on low for 5-6 hours

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LoniceraJaponica Sat 22-Dec-18 10:07:22

Ew no!
Soggy cauliflower is horrible
Just make a cheese sauce ahead of time, blanch the cauliflower and heat in the oven or microwave. I think slow cooked cauliflower would be horrible. It isn't a vegetable that benefits from being overcooked.

mummmy2017 Sat 22-Dec-18 10:09:01

No... It takes so little time to make...

borntobequiet Sat 22-Dec-18 10:14:11

I make a cauliflower and chick pea curry in the slow cooker and the cauliflower is cooked to perfection. Not soggy at all. Not sure about the cheese sauce though. I think you would have to finish it under the grill, so would it be worth it?

Dirtygirtyisthirty Sat 22-Dec-18 11:29:31

Good points everyone-thanks!

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