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Good grief, Delia puts bananas in her Traditional English Trifle.

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ScribblyGum Thu 20-Dec-18 16:25:08

That can’t be right can it? I’ve never had a banana in my trifle and have no intention of starting.

Think I will just stick with sponges, sherry, raspberries (+ rasp jam), custard, cream, silver dragees.

To jelly or not to jelly?

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wowfudge Thu 20-Dec-18 16:26:21

I've never put fruit in a trifle full stop - just raspberry jam on the sponge!

Cherries101 Thu 20-Dec-18 16:26:27

My bf gran did this too. If you mash them then you can get away with using less custard.

wowfudge Thu 20-Dec-18 16:27:11

No jelly - it has no place in a trifle. See fruit also fwink

FamilyOfAliens Thu 20-Dec-18 16:27:49

That reminds me of the film A Private Function, set during the Second World War, where Maggie Smith’s character had a coveted banana in her fruit bowl and a visitor asked if they could have it.

Maggie replied, “Sorry, I’m planning a trifle”.


wowfudge Thu 20-Dec-18 16:28:48

Less custard? <faints dramatically>. It's Christmas. It's supposed to be indulgent (Mary Berry said so).

ScribblyGum Thu 20-Dec-18 16:29:05

I don’t want the flavour of banana in there! No way.

Over in Jamie's Christmas book he's putting mandarin segments, orange jelly AND strawberry blancmange in his confused

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ScribblyGum Thu 20-Dec-18 16:29:55

Love the Maggie Smith banana quote. Still not having one in mine.

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mathanxiety Thu 20-Dec-18 16:32:29


It's sponge, jam, sherry, a little more sherry, and custard here. Served with a dollop of whipped cream.

mathanxiety Thu 20-Dec-18 16:32:44

No to jelly.

OutragedERIC Thu 20-Dec-18 16:33:12

The dirty, dirty bitch.

ScribblyGum Thu 20-Dec-18 16:34:29

Ha! Nigella is (astonishingly) restrained with jam and forest fruits, although she does go off piste and dick about with pistachios on the top.

Still think some jelly in with the raspberries would be nice.

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wowfudge Thu 20-Dec-18 16:35:07

@mathanxiety - I agree but add ratafias and chopped almonds to the sponge layer. Layer of whipped cream on top decorated with more ratafias.

notpushyinterested Thu 20-Dec-18 16:35:13

Sponge soaked in alcohol
Fruit ...raspberry, strawberry etc
Almonds to decorate

Toomanybaubles Thu 20-Dec-18 16:36:51

I have always put bananas in a trifle!

SneakyGremlinsBrokeTheSleigh Thu 20-Dec-18 16:37:01

That sounds delicious fblush

ScribblyGum Thu 20-Dec-18 16:37:05

I'm sure I’ve debated trifle on here before, but can’t for the life of me remember what the consensus was in years' past.

Surely jelly gives you another element of mouth feel?

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wowfudge Thu 20-Dec-18 16:37:55

Urgh. Jelly just ain't right.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 20-Dec-18 16:40:08

I have always put bananas in trifle. Never ever jelly yuk.

RiseUp Thu 20-Dec-18 16:41:25

@OutragedERIC that made me snort out loud!! 😂😂😂😂

Badcat666 Thu 20-Dec-18 16:43:38

I was bought up a heathen trifle eater and maker.

Mum and I hated the sponges so half had sherry soaked sponge fingers for "the others" and half not. Then raspberry or strawberry jelly, a shit load of custard and then another ton of whipped cream to finish off.

Had to be covered in hundreds and thousands and as we got older we had toasted flaked almonds on the cream and raspberries in the jelly...

No jelly in your trifle??!!! monocle pops out

Trifle without jelly is just a ruddy bowl of sponge and custard!!!

AdaColeman Thu 20-Dec-18 16:44:06

Strawberry blancmange? What an absolute Philistine!

Badcat666 Thu 20-Dec-18 16:45:33

And bananas do not belong in a trifle shows Delia the door

ScribblyGum Thu 20-Dec-18 16:47:40

Oh good badcat I’m glad there is one jelly person on the thread.

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CMOTDibbler Thu 20-Dec-18 17:09:42

My perfect trifle is what my mum used to make - sponge, tinned strawberries, strawberry jelly, strawberry blancmange, whipped cream. Hundreds and thousands or glace cherries and angelica on top.

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