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Just bought a deep fat fryer! Bring me your favourite ideas! No health freaks pls!

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SweetFry Wed 19-Dec-18 13:03:03

I know it's nowhere near as popular as a slow cooker or a bread machine but I have finally done it, after years of craving - I have bought a deep fat fryer and now I need to make all those lovely foods that visit me in my dreams.
So far we tried Felicity Cloake's perfect sweet potato fries and served them with some garlic mayo - they were amazing, crunchy, sweet garlicky - so I'm thinking what next?

Battered cod/white fish
Triple cooked chips
Maybe fried dough liberally sprinkled with icing sugar and cinnamon \

Any other things I really need to make?

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Napssavelives Wed 19-Dec-18 13:03:45

I don’t have one but surely doughnuts ??

Loyaultemelie Wed 19-Dec-18 13:04:53

Parsnip chips yum!

Playdonut Wed 19-Dec-18 13:05:02

Plantain, fried chicken, fried dumpling, sausages, battered mars bar, battered pizza

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 19-Dec-18 13:05:07

Won tons
Proper southern fried chicken
Crispy tofu

babysharkah Wed 19-Dec-18 13:07:08

Chips chips chips!!!

crrrzy Wed 19-Dec-18 13:09:20

Croissant dough. unroll and cut into 1cm wide strips then fry, then cover in icing sugar and cinnamon.

MerryBear Wed 19-Dec-18 13:09:28

Battered Fried Butter
Fried coke (doughnut made with coke syrup)
Battered Fried Ice Cream
Battered Fried Mince Pies
Battered Fried Xmas Pudding
Battered Fried Pizza
Batter Fried Macaroni Cheese

MrsChollySawcutt Wed 19-Dec-18 13:11:00

Homemade scotch eggs - crunchy crust, yummy sausage and a slightly runny yoke.....mmmmmm....

sparklepops123 Wed 19-Dec-18 13:11:38

Make a beer batter with a cold lager and flour, coat chicken, prawns etc. Makes a lovely crispy batter

MerryBear Wed 19-Dec-18 13:13:50

Battered Fried Puff Candy

SweetFry Wed 19-Dec-18 13:20:35

So excited! Thank you all the lovely suggestions - deep fried ice cream must be amazing... Southern fried family are going to worship me for ever!

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MessyBun247 Wed 19-Dec-18 13:22:15

Onion rings and battered mushrooms.

Sausagefingers9 Wed 19-Dec-18 13:22:45

I’m so jealous. Dh won’t let us have one as I would deep fry everything!

My local pub do a flowering onion with a little salsa-ish dip. It’s sooo nice, I definitely recommend making it if you like onions.

Sausagefingers9 Wed 19-Dec-18 13:24:43

blooming onion

SweetFry Wed 19-Dec-18 13:28:18

Is the blooming onion thing similar to tobacco onions?

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KittensAndChristmasCake Wed 19-Dec-18 13:50:28

Oh my God, I need a deep fat fryer - my mouth is watering here 😋

BambooForDinnerAgain Wed 19-Dec-18 17:07:00

Croquetas. Little cylinders of white sauce with stuff in them - chicken and Serrano ham, or goats cheese and spinach are my top ones. Spanish food at its very best. They are a faff to make, but you can freeze them uncooked.

BambooForDinnerAgain Wed 19-Dec-18 17:08:22

And have them with some of that garlic mayo. Heaven.

Thisnamechanger Wed 19-Dec-18 17:09:01

Can you buy those breadcrumbed jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese that cheap 4am pizza joints sell? They are my all time favorite! I could eat those every day.

Thisnamechanger Wed 19-Dec-18 17:10:42

Oh my God they do them in Iceland. Go OP go!!

MessyBun247 Wed 19-Dec-18 18:07:59

‘Dh won’t let us have one as I would deep fry everything!’

LTB smile you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!

MsRinky Wed 19-Dec-18 20:28:54

Mmmm. Smoked haddock scotch eggs, jamon croquetas, salt and pepper squid, chicken liver doughnuts, haggis pakora.

I only allow myself to get the deep fat fryer out a few times a year, but when I do I go hard for a week, then eat salad for a week. Plus it means I only ever use nice fresh oil, which is much tastier and healthier.

ikltownofboothlehem Wed 19-Dec-18 20:32:26

'Chucky chicken'

Skin on chicken thighs, deep fried until the skin is really crispy with loads of salt on.

Bombaybunty Wed 19-Dec-18 20:44:18

Home made samosas.
Scampi and chips

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