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Recipe ideas for Christmas Eve Eve please

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mckenzie Wed 19-Dec-18 08:44:44

There will be 9 of us, 7 adults and 2 teenagers. 1 is a vegetarian.
I sometimes do jacket potatoes, rice and 2 chillis (1 meat and 1 veg).
I’d like to ge able to prep and/or bake the day before if possible.
Any ideas please?

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LuluBellaBlue Wed 19-Dec-18 08:47:25

Veg and meat lasagnes, fish pie, a veggie pie like mushroom, shallot & chestnuts or feta & spinach pie, fajita’s, whole roast salmon.

primoestate Wed 19-Dec-18 09:07:23

I'd just do a vegetarian supper for everyone.
As you say, something that's easy to heat through later in the day. But I think easy to clean up is a good idea too.
So, a one dish meal.
Vegetable curry and Parathas.
African Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew - The MN one.
Lasagna with lots of veggies.
Make a gorgeous tomato sauce and pan fry some gnocchi at last few minutes. Serve together.
Jacket potatoes with a creamy mixed mushroom filling.
Quiches and salads.

mckenzie Wed 19-Dec-18 11:49:08

Thank you very much for the replies.
We have a member of the group with a nut allergy otherwise I’d love to have done the sweet potato and peanut dish. The lasagna option has been vetoed by two members of the party (I don’t think my lasagna is very goodblush)
Fajitas I like the sound of. One meat, one veggie pile.
Anything else please?

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SweetFry Wed 19-Dec-18 13:38:12

We always have a broccoli orecchiette with garlic and chilli and roasted pine nuts and parmesan - the veggie would need a veggie cheese version.

MerryBear Wed 19-Dec-18 14:48:29

Curry and flatbreads

Ricekrispie22 Wed 19-Dec-18 17:30:17

Chickpea tagine and lamb/chicken tagine

yawning801 Wed 19-Dec-18 17:36:41


kateandme Thu 20-Dec-18 03:57:28

vegetarian with chicek one without
chicken thigh one pot and veggie one.
potato bake with grilled salmon
spaghetti one pot with garlic bread.

Balloondog Thu 20-Dec-18 05:13:40

Cheese fondue - feels special, is lovely and social and as long as you use vegetarian cheese is easy to keep vegetarian (bread, cherry tomatoes, pickles, baby potatoes etc for dipping).

mckenzie Thu 20-Dec-18 09:42:48

thank you for the ideas - I really appreciate it.
We've decided on fahitas with a selection of Mexican themed accompaniments.
Now that's Christmas Eve Eve sorted, I'm going to look through your suggestions for what to do on Christmas Eve (mother in law is coming so it has to be special wink)

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