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I bought chestnuts! What shall I do with them?

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payperview Sat 15-Dec-18 16:10:52

I'm a chestnut virgin!

NotScrewingUpNow Sat 15-Dec-18 16:11:29

You could roast them on an open fire???

flyingdragonzog Sat 15-Dec-18 16:11:44

Toast them

Finfintytint Sat 15-Dec-18 16:12:22

Ha! You got there first Notscrewingup.

payperview Sat 15-Dec-18 16:15:23

But then what? Is there anything you can put on them? Sugar, salt, spice, something else? Is that all you do, roast them?

tinseltitsbumfannythelot Sat 15-Dec-18 16:16:40

Soup or put them in your Brussel sprouts with pancetta

BentNeckLady Sat 15-Dec-18 16:16:59

I put mine in my log burner for ten minutes in an old tin. They taste amazing!

fuzzywuzzy Sat 15-Dec-18 16:17:25

Roast them, then peel them and eat them. I love chestnuts

flyingdragonzog Sat 15-Dec-18 16:19:16

Just cut an X in them before roasting so they don't explode

redsummershoes Sat 15-Dec-18 16:19:46

are they in shells or not?

but anyeay, shallow fried in duck fat or butter with brussel prouts and a pinch of cinnamon is yum.

they are starchy and sweet, a bit like potato but sweeter.

AdaColeman Sat 15-Dec-18 16:20:44

Add them to a mushroom and beef or venison casserole.

Put some in a tray of winter vegetables to roast.

AdaColeman Sat 15-Dec-18 16:27:45

Make a chestnut & prune stuffing, especially good with pork.

Add to pheasant with sultanas, dried figs and Madeira.

ikltownofboothlehem Sat 15-Dec-18 16:34:36

* Just cut an X in them before roasting so they don't explode*

Yep. My folks didn't do this when I was little. One shot straight through the oven door. New stove needed right before Christmas.

piebald Sat 15-Dec-18 20:26:52

Post them to me , I haven’t got any

cloudtree Sat 15-Dec-18 20:27:49

chop them and pan fry them with sprout leaves and pancetta

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