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Have language student coming soon for 3 weeks, help with dinner ideas plse!

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DrNortherner Mon 25-Jun-07 12:21:29

She is 16 and Spanish. I need to give her a hot meal every evening. My list so far is:

Spag bol
Shepherds Pie
Roast chicken, mash and veg
Various sauces for pasta with chicken/tuna
Jacket pots
Soup and sarnies

But I need more. Quick and simple please.


slowreader Mon 25-Jun-07 12:53:12

Spanish Omlettes

witchandchips Mon 25-Jun-07 13:40:08

sausages and beans (i.e. pinto or haricot not heinz) - just cook sausages and then deglaze pan with wine to create gravy and then add the beans to warm them through

lamb kebabs: roast lamb neck fillet and then served it sliced with yoghurt, salad and pittas

lilolilmanchester Mon 25-Jun-07 19:00:38

Trying to think of traditional English things she wouldn't get at home.
Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding?
Fish and chips (from a chippie and take her with you when you get them)
Pie or pasties (even if not your usual meal, they are quite English).
Fish pie.
Lancashire hot pot.
Sausage and mash
I think you could even do bacon, eggs etc one night and tell her that although it is a traditional English breakfast, you can eat it anytime of day? or do that for brunch at the weekend.

If you're doing puddings, fruit crumble and custard; rice pudding; trifle.

admylin Mon 25-Jun-07 20:30:18

I don't know if I would put too much effort into making typically English dishes. Most of my French or German friends who spent student (or evn school exchange) days in the UK still talk about how bad and strange the food was. We love it of course and dream about it when we're away but I think it takes some getting used to.

lilolilmanchester Mon 25-Jun-07 20:41:46

on the other hand,every time our German friends visit, they ask for roast beef, fish and chips, and an english breakfast!

maisemor Wed 27-Jun-07 12:38:12

Having been a language student living with a family, I expected to be eating british food. We loved it when they brought home the fish and chips (you get taught in school that this is all you people eat over here ).

You could try to involve her in making a shopping list, go shopping with her (she would probably love to see the supermarket)and then cooking with her.

Also you could ask her one evening what she tends to eat at home.

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