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3 ingredient Nutella Mousse

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OculusReparo Sat 08-Dec-18 17:50:24

Just came across this recipe for Nutella mousse but I’m not sure if it means single or double cream? Any ideas?

TIA tbusmile

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Raera Sat 08-Dec-18 18:17:40

I'd say double as whipping single cream wouldn't work

hazeyjane Sat 08-Dec-18 18:21:12

Oooh. Will try this for ds, if it works with his fortified milk....triple the calories!

Katisha Sat 08-Dec-18 18:26:25

Does it really need extra sugar? Would it work without?

OculusReparo Sun 09-Dec-18 03:52:33

I’m assuming that it might not need the sugar as the Nutella should be sweet enough on its own but can’t help but wonder if I should put a little more sugar in case the whipped cream dilutes the sweetness? 🤔

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Stillamum3 Wed 12-Dec-18 02:14:59

I would leave out the sugar in this recipe - the nutella is sweet enough!

TheFairyAstronaut Wed 12-Dec-18 02:35:35

Sugar could be for structure not sweetness.

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