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Best sponge cake recipe?

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vodkaanddietcokeplease Wed 05-Dec-18 18:25:07

Please hit me with your best sponge cake recipes!

I usually just do the 8oz/4 eggs mixture, but I bought a slice of cake from a Christmas Fayre stall today and the sponge was delicious!!! Light and fluffy yet quite firm if that makes sense - yum cake

I'd like to start baking again over Christmas and would like to wow my husband with my delicious sponge cake!

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chickenfeathers Sun 30-Dec-18 00:13:08

Sorry this is a bit late!

I always weigh the eggs first, then measure the same weight in flour, butter and caster sugar. I also put a little vanilla extract in too. Also, make sure all the ingredients are room temperature. I have a fan oven, so usually bake at 160°.

My sponges must be okay because they disappear almost immediately!

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