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Beef stew

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lemonbiscuit Tue 04-Dec-18 19:49:57

What’s your go to recipe for beef stew? I made one tonight with pale ale, carrots, parsnips and mushrooms, but it was OK, but the pale ale gave it a bit of bitterness that was a bit unpleasant. So I’m looking for a recipe that gives the stew a really nice rich flavour without any bitterness. Thanks!

Weepingwillows12 Tue 04-Dec-18 19:52:04

I like beef, carrots, onions, swede, potatoes cooked slow and low heat with just good beef stock and salt and pepper. Then dumplings in at the end. Simple but tasty.

Or sometimes beef in red wine with carrots, mushrooms, shallots, celery, Worcestershire sauce, bay leaf.

MistyReturns Tue 04-Dec-18 19:59:15

Funny enough I had exactly the same experience a few weeks ago (minus parsnips). I added a tablespoon of tomato purée the next time I made it. Perfect - no bitterness & really rich.

MistyReturns Tue 04-Dec-18 20:00:13

Oh and I use a dark ale as well now.

Accountant222 Tue 04-Dec-18 20:38:58

Look up Delicious Magazine, beef daube, food for the gods

lemonbiscuit Tue 04-Dec-18 22:55:24

Thanks for the replies and the tips!

SpoonBlender Tue 04-Dec-18 23:22:36

Yeah, IPA is a bad plan unless you really like the bitterness. Go for a golden/dark ale or stout instead.

I just make mine up as I go along. Beef, carrot, onion, can of tomatos, salt, pepper, oxo are staples, maybe some cajun/moroccan spices all fried up. Then I may stop or add any of celery, peppers, potato, lentils, bacon bits, chorizo, mushrooms, spinach, random root veg, peas, string beans, broad beans, caulliflower, broccoli... green veggies go in very late or they go mushy.

Twotabbycats Wed 05-Dec-18 01:05:05

Yes I use a dark beer - or wine. Around half and half wine or beer and beef stock.

Gordon Ramsey's Beef in Beer is delicious.

Blondie1984 Wed 05-Dec-18 01:31:01

I do a similar version to you OP but I always have onions or shallots in mine - they add sweetness

halfwitpicker Wed 05-Dec-18 01:36:33

I find it really depends on the cut of meat you use. The cubes you can get never really 'melt' for me. IFYSWIM, even when cooking for hours.

I like to use a bottom blade roast, cook on low for 4 hours. Leeks, onions, carrots, then the baby spuds in at the end for an hour. Beef stock, wine, teaspoon mustard for the liquid portion. Make sure to sear the beef and veg before you put it in the oven.

Zulor Wed 05-Dec-18 01:38:28

I'm Irish, so it would be very basic ingredients, with the flavour coming from the meat.

Brown the beef on the sides in a frying pan.

Boil kettle, and make a Knorr Chicken (yes I said chicken) stock

I add about 6 carrots (sliced) and two medium onions (chopped).

Bung the whole lot into a big saucepan, bring to the boil and then simmer at the lowest simmer you can get your cooker to do for about 2 and a half hours.

You will get a lovely flavour and tender beef.

The best recipes have very few ingredients.

Zulor Wed 05-Dec-18 01:40:50

And if you're not averse to salt in your diet, I would add salt at the frying beef stage.

Zulor Wed 05-Dec-18 01:42:39

Beef stew does not have wine nor beer in it.

Zulor Wed 05-Dec-18 01:45:17

There are however loads of recipes which use ale (dark beers like Guinness).
Bouef Bourgignon uses red wine

But a basis beef stew doesn't use either.

halfwitpicker Wed 05-Dec-18 01:46:18

Mine does, zulor

CarrieBlu Wed 05-Dec-18 01:49:17

Puy lentils
Tomato purée
Mixed herbs
Dark ale

Slow cook for 4 hours and you’ll get a dark sticky stew. Always tastes delicious!

Zulor Wed 05-Dec-18 01:50:07

That's why you're a halfwit by your own admission haha

Zulor Wed 05-Dec-18 01:54:31

CarrieBlu - you're putting too many flavours in there with your mixed herbs. They should be reserved for things like stuffing which are an an accompaniment to a dish. You don't poison the entire dish with mixed herbs.

CarrieBlu Wed 05-Dec-18 01:59:01

Oh shut up Zulor, who made you King/Queen of beef stew? The OP asked for suggestions, people have given her some and they vary as, shock horror, people have different tastes!

My beef stew is delicious, everyone who eats it enjoys it and asks for more, so I’ll keep making it the way I like it thanks.

Zulor Wed 05-Dec-18 02:01:30

I'm going to take a wild guess here, but your kids don't eat your stew Carrie?

halfwitpicker Wed 05-Dec-18 02:01:40

My username exists for the likes of you zulor. Make it easy for you. Wouldn't want you to have to break that brain cell.

Zulor Wed 05-Dec-18 02:02:45

Oh shut up yourself!

Zulor Wed 05-Dec-18 02:04:07

It's so nice of you to think of us amoebas. With a brain cell.
As we are clearly a step above mere amoebas.

CarrieBlu Wed 05-Dec-18 02:04:44

No they don’t, because one just doesn’t like meat in any shape or form and the other is an unweaned baby. I make it for the adults who regularly eat at our house. Why, what ridiculous point are you trying to make Zulor?

Klobuchar Wed 05-Dec-18 02:05:06

That escalated quickly, I must say

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