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OH loves a toastie, filling suggestions please...

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Jedimastermama Mon 03-Dec-18 12:51:08

He doesn’t like cheese and now gone off ham.
So at the moment it’s usually baked beans hmm
Whereas I love a simple cheese and tomato toastie with a cuppa!

All suggestions greatly received 😊 thanks

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Grumpbum123 Mon 03-Dec-18 12:53:05

Nutella and banana
Other than that I can’t think of any toastie that is made better without the addition of cheese

cricketmum84 Mon 03-Dec-18 12:53:22

Corned beef and onion. My all time favourite.

I'm hungry thinking about it now!

Snowwontbelong Mon 03-Dec-18 12:53:48

Gone off cheese??

Whyislarryhappy Mon 03-Dec-18 12:55:41

Tuna in a tomato sauce.
Cheese spread
Leftover mince from spag bol.
Baked beans.
My two DC fav at the mo is jam! So I suppose you could do marmalade or lemon curd too!

YahBasic Mon 03-Dec-18 12:55:57

Christmas themed one - so turkey, cranberry and stuffing.

Is it all cheese? I’m obsessed with brie, bacon, mango chutney and spring onion.

Rarfy Mon 03-Dec-18 12:56:18

Corned beef and onion here too.

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 03-Dec-18 12:58:51

Spam blush

Bacon or sausage or both

In my defence I'm allergic to cheese

Highlove Mon 03-Dec-18 14:29:06

Philly and tomato? Or philly and a massive range of things?

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 03-Dec-18 14:40:27

*Mashed banana,tahini(or nut butter) and pinch cinnamon
*Pesto and roasted Mediterranean veg
*My son loves mashed potato with ketchup in a toastie!<disclaimer not to everyone's tastes>
*Tuna and tomato with black pepper/basil

AdaColeman Mon 03-Dec-18 14:41:27

Bacon & mushroom
Sausage & tomato
Pork & apple sauce
Duck, spring onion & hoi-sin sauce
Left over curry

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 03-Dec-18 14:42:05

Forgot lightly mashed sweet potato,squash and chickpeas with saute thyme and onion<leftovers>
This mix is a lush vegetarian enchiladas filling!--that I stole of another MN thread years ago--

adaisy1394 Mon 03-Dec-18 14:43:00

spiced potato as in like a samosa filling?

MergeDragons Mon 03-Dec-18 14:43:58

Haggis with some mashed neeps if he fancies.

TooTrueToBeGood Mon 03-Dec-18 14:44:49

Haggis and HP sauce

SleepingStandingUp Mon 03-Dec-18 14:46:17

Chocolate spread and Jam

Egg on inside, bacon on outside

jjemimapuddleduck Mon 03-Dec-18 14:48:41

Mince (like mince in gravy & onions like you would have in mince & tatties) is fab!

RCohle Mon 03-Dec-18 15:03:32

Mince / chilli / bolognese like a sloppy joe

I like left over fajita filling - peppers, onion and chicken

Haggis or black pudding are nice

Breakfast toastie - eggs, bacon, sausage etc

Chicken and pesto

Sautéed mushrooms, like mushrooms on toast

mydogisthebest Mon 03-Dec-18 15:10:29

Peanut butter and banana make the absolute best toasted sandwiches, Absolutely delicious.

ApplesinmyPocket Mon 03-Dec-18 15:19:21

Chopped cooked chicken breast mixed with Hellman's-type mayonnaise and sweetcorn is one of my favourite toastie fillings.

LittleLlamaontheduskyroad Mon 03-Dec-18 21:01:35

Tuna, pesto, red onion
Tuna, jalapeno, red onion, peppers, sweetcorn
(both of these better with cheese!)
tomato & pesto
chicken & bacon & sweetcorn with loads of pepper & some kind of white sauce
mushroom & tarragon / thyme

Jedimastermama Tue 04-Dec-18 07:37:38

Thank you, thank you all,
These are some fantastic suggestions and all sound very yummy! 😀
OH will love trying these.

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