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Really good recipe for Spekulatius / Speculoos/ Pepparkakor biscuits

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LeeMiller Fri 30-Nov-18 09:18:50

Has anyone got a great receipe for Spekulatius /Pepparkakor style spicy biscuits? I've eaten my way through a tin of Ikea's Xmas biscuits and want to make my own batch.

I tried a couple of different recipes last year but they weren't crispy/snappy enough, and the flavour was a bit bland compared to the real thing. All I remember is that black treacle/molasses was on the ingredients list...

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AsMuchUseAsAMarzipanDildo Fri 30-Nov-18 09:24:55

I’ve used this recipe before and found it reliable with a good snap

LeeMiller Fri 30-Nov-18 10:26:49

Ooh thank you AsMuchUse , that looks like a good one.

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