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Individual frozen portions of salmon - from which supermarket?

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KatyMac Thu 29-Nov-18 17:17:53

In my quest to a better diet I have found salmon invaluable - however the tiny piddling amount in the tesco individual frozen salmon is pathetic. Skinless and about 2oz!

Do any of the other supermarkets do a bigger size?

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PinkFizzz Thu 29-Nov-18 17:19:07

My friend used to buy portions from farmfoods that were a good size and tasty.

Parigii Thu 29-Nov-18 17:20:11

We get ours from Ikea of all places. Also M&S do nice ones.

KatyMac Thu 29-Nov-18 17:34:14

Thanks, M&S here I come (ikea is a good hour away and I haven't seen a farm foods in years)

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GrannyHaddock Thu 29-Nov-18 22:57:40

Iceland salmon portions look ok.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 01-Dec-18 03:36:45

You do know you can have more than one at a time right?confused

KatyMac Mon 03-Dec-18 22:15:16

2 are too many grin

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GiantKitten Mon 03-Dec-18 22:18:01

I get the fresh ones from Aldi & freeze those. Pack of 2 is about 220g? Really good quality smile

Nightmanagerfan Mon 03-Dec-18 22:19:06

The Sainsbury’s ones are awful. Definitely avoid!

GiantKitten Mon 03-Dec-18 22:19:34

(Aldi do frozen too but when I’ve tried them in the past they’ve been a bit dry & sad)

mammmamia Mon 03-Dec-18 23:59:52

We buy a whole side from Costco and portion it up for the freezer.

Tr1skel1on Thu 06-Dec-18 21:53:00

Iceland ones are good

SpoonBlender Thu 06-Dec-18 21:59:54

Tescos ones are crap, come out dry and tasteless no matter how carefully you cook them.

Get a side from the fish counter and portion, freeze them yourself.

kateandme Fri 07-Dec-18 03:59:28

buy a whole side of salmon cosco do great ones and then potion it urself into freezer bags.its changed our lives!

kateandme Fri 07-Dec-18 04:00:17

SpoonBlender great minds

Xiaoxiong Fri 07-Dec-18 09:53:59

Parigii I had no idea Ikea did salmon besides gravadlax - went yesterday and on the strength of your comment found it in the freezers (along with a thousand other things I didn't know I needed...) thanks for the tip, it looks great!

Parigii Fri 07-Dec-18 20:12:37

You're welcome! It's a treasure trove of stuff, my freezer is full of potato rosti, cheese pies and three different kinds of meatballs grin

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