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Quick cake cooling question

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crummycake Wed 28-Nov-18 20:46:34

I've made my Christmas cake this evening but need a very early night.
It's still quite warm, shall I leave it to cool overnight or foil it and put it in the tin still warm?

MollyHuaCha Wed 28-Nov-18 20:49:38

I'm no expert! But I would let it cool before putting it in a tin.

Maybe leave out in the kitchen (assuming no pets in there) very loosely covered with baking paper or foil.

It won't dry out, esp if you plan to douse with brandy before icing.

VictoriaBun Wed 28-Nov-18 20:51:27

I leave mine in the (cool) oven or put in the microwave with the door slightly open.

potentiallypainful Wed 28-Nov-18 20:55:57

Thank you. I thought so but then had a little panic grin

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