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I've just gotten a slow cooker to try free up my time. Any recipes?

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shouldidoitspoilt Mon 26-Nov-18 22:15:50

I'm really into food and cooking and not a massive stew eater but I do think it will help me to spend more time with my son instead of in the kitchen.

I'm also pregnant and struggling with eating and cooking as I find it all a bit disgusting and have literally got hyper emesis so hoping that either I can cover it and not think about food all day or my husband will be able to throw stuff in at the start of the day.

Any recipes or links really gratefully received for food you like!

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wowfudge Thu 29-Nov-18 09:40:48

Just use your normal recipes but reduce the amount of liquid as it doesn't evaporate during cooking. E.g. put a stock pot in but don't dissolve it with water. If the recipe uses tinned tomatoes you probably won't need to add water. Season really well. I like the bouquet garni that are in little tea bags. I do Bolognese without browning the mince and it turns out fine. I even put frozen diced onion in without thawing.

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