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something moist to go with Ottolenghi roast lamb

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flimp Sun 25-Nov-18 12:50:05

I'm doing slow roasted shoulder of lamb with lots of veggie sides but it's all looking a bit dry.

What can I serve in lieu of gravy?

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DioneTheDiabolist Sun 25-Nov-18 12:53:26


timeisnotaline Sun 25-Nov-18 12:55:00

A spicy tomato chickpeas with plenty of liquid?
I’m really on here waiting for everyone to say how dare you use the word moist in a thread title where you can’t even avoid it with a trigger warning grin

Silkie2 Sun 25-Nov-18 12:55:07

Some sort of mint sauce?

DryHeave Sun 25-Nov-18 12:57:08

Mint yoghurt sauce? Yoghurt with harissa mixed through?

CrispbuttyNo1 Sun 25-Nov-18 13:31:12

A red currant sauce.

Daisydoesnt Sun 25-Nov-18 13:34:05

Yoghurt dressing - plain yoghurt, whisk in plenty of olive oil with a fork, add seasoning and just a splash of water so you get the consistency of a dressing that you want. It's unbelievably good.

AdaColeman Sun 25-Nov-18 13:36:14

Lemon mayonnaise

Tapenade and tomato sauce (Provençal sauce)

EmmaStone Thu 29-Nov-18 09:03:52

Potatoes dauphinoise?

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