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Best vegetarian / vegan cookbook

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1frenchfoodie Thu 22-Nov-18 20:51:09

My sister and BIL have gone mainly veggie and he is tempted by vegan food. They mainly use online recipes or recreate Hallo Gusto dishes. I thought it might be nice to get a vegetarian/vegan cook book for them for Christmas but despite having 250+ cookbooks I dont have a veggie one I’d recommend. Any suggestions?

They eat a wide variety of food (she likes Indian and Thai) but keep a fairly small stock of staples and have a 2 year old and 5 year old so I’d want someting with a fairly extensive selection of simple/quick meals.

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Whatsallthisaboutthen Thu 22-Nov-18 20:54:45

HFW’s two veg books are both brilliant.

BikeRunSki Thu 22-Nov-18 20:55:36

I’m veggie. I really like “Hairy Dieters Go Veggie”. I didn’t buy it as a diet cookbook, I bought it because it’s got some good recipes. I might be offended if I were given a diet book as a present!

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Thu 22-Nov-18 21:09:28

The Happy Pear
Much more veg by HFW

lastqueenofscotland Thu 22-Nov-18 23:10:00

Leon fast vegetarian is good
Thug kitchen

Neolara Thu 22-Nov-18 23:14:15

Hugh Fernley whittingston's book Veg Everyday is my favourite veggie cook book. His follow up, More Veg, is vegan I don't like it as much but then I'm not vegan.

Amara123 Thu 22-Nov-18 23:16:18

I've heard Fresh India is good. I also like hfw's River cottage veg cookbook.

MintyCedric Thu 22-Nov-18 23:22:13

I've just bought this for a friend who is vegetarian but not into cheese!

Struck me have having some nice ideas and I am a committed carnivore.

1frenchfoodie Fri 23-Nov-18 07:11:21

Thanks for all the ideas. I’d never have thought of Hairy Dieters (my sister is one of a handful of people I can give a ‘diet’ book too without offenseand I do like the hairy bikers/dieters). And I’ve never heard of Happy Pear and BOSH even though they seem incredibly popular. Amara123 Fresh India is good, I just wanted something a bit more varied - I don’t think they have any veggie cookbooks.

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GaraMedouar Fri 23-Nov-18 07:23:13

How Not to.Die Cookbook is a great cookbook, with lovely illustrations. Vegan, wfpb.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 23-Nov-18 17:57:27

The Green Roasting Tin - veggie and vegan meals that you cook guessed it...a roasting dish.

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