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New (i think) Heinz Cup Soup

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gk808 Thu 22-Nov-18 18:19:34

I bought these as they were on offer yesterday when I popped out for lunch to Tesco, £1 for 4 sachets, anyway I get home and my parents must have popped out and done the exact same thing.

So last night I tried the Tomato Soup, and wow, it tasted just like the canned soup Heinz make, thick & creamy and totally hit the spot

20 minutes ago, I went to make a cuppa at work and saw the chicken soup I'd bought and was easily lead astray from the cuppa I had craved.

Well, let me say that was the best soup from a packet I could've ever imagined, just like the tomato soup, it tasted like the canned chicken soup they make - it even had the little bits of chicken, albeit they'd all settled at the bottom, but nonetheless a pleasant surprise.

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RCohle Fri 23-Nov-18 01:58:46

Are they paying you for this?

TheCrowFromBelow Fri 23-Nov-18 04:22:19

Just to provide a bit of balance, their Tetra Pak soups are inedible. I bought 3 flavours when they were on offer and they all ended up in the bin.
The tomato one was particularly nasty.

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