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Culinary Guilty Pleasures/Strange Combo's

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HCHQ Thu 22-Nov-18 16:37:57

In part inspired by a thread about someone's OH who'd added sausages to tortellini and was mystified by it (can understand given she'd bought pasta sauce for the pasta & spuds/veg for the sausages) however when I don't have to cook a proper dinner if OH is away/working late I tend to eat things I wouldn't dream, of serving to others - strange I know.

~ Homemade buttery mash mixed with practically anything but partial to tuna, mashed corned beef, baked beans, cheese of course - any cheese (not all at the same time but hey it could become a thing!)

~ Tuna mayo & banana sandwich

~ a sneaky Subway (during the day only, for some reason a Subway after lunch is V WRONG!)

~ dry crackers

Inspire me with your mis-matched meals ...

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