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kickassangel Thu 21-Jun-07 09:04:07

Work has blocked my access to the cupcake thread. Now I can only go on there in the evening! What am I to do?

MrsBadger Thu 21-Jun-07 09:06:04


i think there was swearing on it. maybe that's why.

don't worry i won't taunt you with cupcakes!!

kickassangel Thu 21-Jun-07 11:43:51

yes, mrsbadger. i know it's a four letter word but work! i teach, so there are some very strict blocks in place, one of them being 'exceeding wieghted phrase limit'!
i think that means when a thread is too long, or has too many links [thick] so greeny's frogs are probably to blame!

that is why i didn't go on the bumsex thread at work! i have a feeling it may have contained words that get blocked.

kickassangel Thu 21-Jun-07 11:49:54

and now i can't get on 'last 15 minutes'! i think this is the ether telling me to get off my backside & do a wall display (no class atm you'll be glad to know)

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