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How do I make icing this sort of colour/texture?

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KatyMac Mon 19-Nov-18 20:30:30

I can do the black logo - make a stencil cut it out of black smooth the edges (but the top person will be different)

But how many colours are in the background do I mix coloured icing or paint it or what? (not the words I don't think - well at least not those words)

Many thanks

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Screaminginsidemeagain Mon 19-Nov-18 20:38:33

Looks gold to me.
You can buy edible gold leaf, gold spray, liquid paint or dust you mix with alcohol to paint.

Spray in a can is tough to get in that nice gold colour, better with an airbrush, paint can be streaky from the brush and gold leaf is tricky and expensive and takes practice.

KatyMac Mon 19-Nov-18 20:52:47

Isn't it more shaded than that - lots of yellows/golds/beiges?

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Screaminginsidemeagain Mon 19-Nov-18 20:58:44

Maybe but what you have is a digitally made picture not cake.

You can get lots of different ‘shades’ of gold.
Maybe do a light yellow icing then use an airbrush doing layers of different shades.

DropZoneOne Mon 19-Nov-18 21:06:25

Gold edible paint - i painted the gold bits on this cake, was just white icing underneath

KatyMac Mon 19-Nov-18 21:08:26

Hmm - you mean it''s going to be hard - poop sad

I was thinking light/medium dark yellow/gold/beige (sort of smooched together like pastercine?) and maybe some (shades of)gold glitter?

That's not going to work is it?

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Screaminginsidemeagain Mon 19-Nov-18 21:33:03

It might do. It depends who you are doing it for and how high their expectations are.

MinecraftHolmes Mon 19-Nov-18 21:36:24

I think you’d be best experimenting with gold spray/edible paint over black to get that sort of depth.

KatyMac Mon 19-Nov-18 22:09:45

No time

DD's birthday party is Sunday & she is 21 maybe I should pay for a cake topper (would there be copywrite issues if I change the logo?)

& is there time?

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KatyMac Sat 24-Nov-18 20:43:26

I ended up using spray - it's ok, but not perfect!

And the cake decorating shop had a nearly out of date Christmas cake for I bought it cheap!

If I was doing it again I think I would have used a caramel coloured icing rather than white (or even the black as suggested - oops)

Thanks all

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