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red salmon pink salmon red salmon pink

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mytwopenceworth Wed 20-Jun-07 20:36:09

What's the difference.

Shut up - I know .... the colour!

I mean what is the difference that justifies one being twice as expensive?

They both taste the same. Is red salmon hand reared in holy water by virgins and blessed by the gods on the top of mount olympus or something?

oggsfrog Wed 20-Jun-07 20:39:20


Don't actually know, but red tastes nicer

FioFio Wed 20-Jun-07 20:40:37

Message withdrawn

yogimum Wed 20-Jun-07 20:51:35

the red is artificial colouring, I only buy organic which is very light in colour.

FioFio Wed 20-Jun-07 20:57:22

Message withdrawn

FioFio Wed 20-Jun-07 20:59:19

Message withdrawn

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