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Marslady (or anyone else) - I have a LDC question!

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GreebosWhiskers Wed 20-Jun-07 20:06:06

I desperately want to make this cake but haven't got a food mixer or a microwave

I know I can warm the lemon juice on the stove but can I mix the cake ingredients by hand & if so in what order?

GreebosWhiskers Thu 21-Jun-07 09:15:29


MrsFish Thu 21-Jun-07 20:39:15

Beat together the sugar and butter till light and fluffy with a wooden spoon.

whisk the eggs and add a little at a time to mixture, make sure it doesn't curdle. If it does add a tiny bit of flour until it goes smooth again.

When all egg has been added, fold in the flour with a metal spoon

Then fold in the lemon rind. I think thats it

MarsLady Thu 21-Jun-07 20:42:54

Or do what I did (before buying and electric hand whisk)..... pop it all in the bowl and stir stir stir!!!!!!!!!!!1

If warming the lemon juice is too much faff, mix granulated sugar into the cold lemon juice. Makes a nice crunchy topping.

Oh.... and don't blame me if you go up a dress size!

DISCLAIMER: All those baking and eating LDC will have no right to cry foul or moan that they have increased in girth! Nor shall they complain there wasn't enough cake. No animals have been harmed in making this product!

GreebosWhiskers Fri 22-Jun-07 09:15:18

Cheers folks - I'm off to Asda for some lemons.

DH is out for dinner tonight at a colleague's leaving do so we'll just see how much LDC is left by the time he gets home

fryalot Fri 22-Jun-07 09:16:27

I'm betting not a lot

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