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Can you recommend your Food Processor please

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Butterfly98 Sat 17-Nov-18 21:06:21

I would like to buy a food processor but don't know much about them! One thing I'm not keen on when baking scones for example is rubbing the margarine into the flour. I don't like that dry feeling on my hands, it's a bit like chalk on s blackboard to me! This is one job where a Food Processor would cone in handy, from what I've read the fine breadcrumb look literally takes a few pulses apparently so sounds good to me... anyway from googling them they are expensive and also bulky so before I spend lots of money can anyone tell me all the various things I can do with it or will the novelty wear off after a few recipes? How often do you use yours, can you recommend a particular brand and one that doesn't take up too much room either.... thanks 

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