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Cheapest place to buy boards, cellophane and toppers

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macnab Thu 15-Nov-18 14:11:05

I'm not a baker (never been on this board before!) but I do a lovely Chocolate Biscuit Cake which always goes down a treat with friends and family. This year, I'd like to up my game a lot little and rather than giving a slab of it wrapped in tinfoil, I'd like to present it better. I was thinking of making individual chocolate biscuit cake Christmas puddings. I'd like to give them on a cake board, wrapped in cellophane and tied with red ribbon. The top of the pudding will have a splat made from thinly rolled out white icing <professional, me> and I'd like to put a fake holly sprig or something on top.
Where is the cheapest place to buy these things? I went to a local 'sell all' shop today and they had cake boards that were £1.50 each but I need a dozen so would like to keep the costs down (they only sold them individually)
Apologies for the lengthy post! Thanks in advance.

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Cofogirl Mon 19-Nov-18 20:46:58

I buy bulk cake boards etc online from the Vanilla Valley. Could be worth a look (but you may end up buying a ton of stuff you don’t need too- or maybe that’s just me!!)

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