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will these ingredients make a dish

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hermykne Tue 19-Jun-07 16:09:23

chilli paste
coconut milk
coriander and new potatoes with a dash of lime

its all thats in the fridge / resses for dinner

SixtyNiner Tue 19-Jun-07 16:14:12

sounds lovely - maybe a bit short on vegetables.

TippiHedren Tue 19-Jun-07 16:15:10

Almost a curry with bombay potatoes going on there im sure!

hermykne Tue 19-Jun-07 16:24:08

so could i add a teaspoon of curry powder?

i have some brocoli

moondog Tue 19-Jun-07 16:26:20

I'd do a sort of Thai veg and chicken curry.Put broccoli in but near end.Curry paste fine

(Is this pot. and lime thing a prepared dish already??)

hermykne Tue 19-Jun-07 16:27:41

no moondog i am assembling everything

bakedpotato Tue 19-Jun-07 16:27:52

Marinade the chicken in chilli paste (and minced garlic/ginger if you have any -- I wouldn't bother with curry powder)
stir fry for a bit
then ad coconut milk, simmer 20 mins
have with broc

moondog Tue 19-Jun-07 19:11:01

Just wondered about the 'dash of lime' bit.How does that exist? In a cup or wot??

hermykne Tue 19-Jun-07 21:25:14

dash of lime - squezze a lime
bit confused
you can buy it in a bottle

Aitch Tue 19-Jun-07 21:33:26

it sounded like it was a prepped food, hermykne, because of the pots, coriander, dash of lime. i think that's what confused her.

hermykne Wed 20-Jun-07 13:25:58

how on earth does
pots, coriander, dash of lime sund prepared?

bakedpotato Wed 20-Jun-07 14:11:14

people assumed it was a prepped dish, hermykne, bcs it was all on the same line
Anyway what DID you do in the end? Did you follow anyone's advice or did you have a takeaway

bundle Wed 20-Jun-07 14:15:24



Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 18:52:38

goodness, hermyne... you are feisty when you're asking people to help you.
yes to bp's point about the spacing but also because 'a dash of lime' sounds like something off a pack. whereas 'a lime' sounds like something you'd have in your fruit bowl.

hermykne Wed 20-Jun-07 23:31:41

aitch all the cooks say "a dash of lime/soya/ whatever"
and i spaced so it was easy to see the list.

yes, they dont call me bossy for no reason
and i did say thats what in the fridge.

and BP i i used some chili paste, fried the chicken added the ginger, poured in the coco milk, added the potatoes, it cooked and at the end added S & P, mange tout (found them too) and the brocoli.

we never have takeaways and thats the truth. m & s the odd time.

i still dont get how the list looks prepped,

anyway cooked and eaten
time for a new list!

Aitch Thu 21-Jun-07 00:49:47

gah! i thought it was a prepped potato salad or somesuch, with potatoes, coriander and a dash of lime. that could have been in the fridge...

Aitch Thu 21-Jun-07 00:50:11

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