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Fav bread maker recipes please

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TooTrueToBeGood Sat 10-Nov-18 10:39:05

I've just got myself a bread maker (Panasonic sd-2511) and first attempt at a basic white loaf was a roaring success. I've ordered a couple of books and am trawling the net for inspiration but suspect MN has a wealth of knowledge that I'd be a fool to ignore. So, please, share your tips, tricks and favourite bread maker recipes if you wouldn't mind. Any essential bits of kit, favourite flours, yeasts etc, go to websites.

Also, my sister is gluten intollerant and visits occassionally so if anyone has drop-dead lush gluten-free suggestions that would be awesome.

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shoofly Sun 18-Nov-18 10:09:30

Everyday bread in our house.
7g yeast, 450g Tesco strong wholemeal bread flour, 7g salt, 30g honey, 45g rapeseed oil, 250g water. Bake on wholemeal bread setting (poss no. 4 or 5?)

I know I've given everything in grammes but I just put the empty bucket on digital scales and weigh everything. I used to make olive and herb and seedy bread and all kinds of things, but trying to lose weight confused and homemade bread is just too good.

ivykaty44 Sun 18-Nov-18 10:11:57

Oats and bran

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