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Sunday Roast veg Inspiration needed!!

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tastylancs Sun 04-Nov-18 11:54:28

Am about to shop for our Sunday roast vegetables- already got the pork joint out of the freezer. I always seem to cook the same vegetable dishes with my roasts and would love some new ideas. Here’s what I do -carrots, cauliflower cheese, green beans, roast potatoes... please tell me what your favourite Sunday veg dishes are so I’m not doing these for another ten years, yummy though they are.

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Bowchicawowow Sun 04-Nov-18 11:56:03

Chop an onion and fry. Add sage and season. Prepare some carrots and fry them along with the onions. Cook on a low to moderate heat until the carrots are cooked to your taste.

CIT80 Sun 04-Nov-18 11:57:15

We are having broccoli carrots leekes and swede purée

madvixen Sun 04-Nov-18 11:57:32

I'm trying rarebit leeks with our lamb today. Just doing those and some baby roasties

eltsihT Sun 04-Nov-18 11:58:18

I did stuffed peppers with our roast pork last night

tastylancs Sun 04-Nov-18 12:21:32

Ooooh this is good! Thanks guys. Sitting outside supermarket now reading your posts. Going to try rarebit leeks. Love the sound of those onions and carrots too... but children won’t sadly. When I have more grown ups over I will be trying that. Will read again while I’m walking round Booths so any more ideas welcome!

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bikerclaire Sun 04-Nov-18 12:30:20

Add a couple of parsnips in with the roast potatoes! You can't beat 'em! smile

tissuesosoft Sun 04-Nov-18 12:32:14

Tenderstem broccoli and broccoli stir fried

tastylancs Sun 04-Nov-18 12:41:18

I don’t like parsnips so never cook them.... but maybe that’s a little selfish. Will put them in the list.

Biker like the sound of stir fry broccoli too - do you fry in ground nut oil?

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MarklahMarklah Sun 04-Nov-18 12:42:36

I only do veggie roasts but I like to mix the veg accompaniments up a bit - so I'd do roast potatoes or Roasted sweet potatoes , Swede mash
or roasted, spiced Butternut squash chunks, or Roast parsnips

Then any of the following:
Peas/Green beans, with Stir-fried sprouts with chilli flakes & pecans
Leek with minted peas
Broccoli and wilted spinach with olive oil & lemon juice
Broad beans
Spring greens with fried onion stirred in

tastylancs Sun 04-Nov-18 12:44:46

Mouthwatering marklah thank you!

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Napssavelives Sun 04-Nov-18 12:45:59

We are having roast potatos, parsnips, cauliflower cheese, carrots and broccoli eith ours

VenusInSpurs Sun 04-Nov-18 12:54:45

Roast butternut squash
Cavalo Nero / Black kale
Baby broad beans, lightly boiled then tossed with lardons
Spiced red cabbage (with pork or chicken )
Leeks in white sauce (good with lamb)
Ratatouille with lamb, doesn’t go with gravy or white sauce type sides. With cous cous maybe.
Celeriac mash
Creamed spinach

Chewbecca Sun 04-Nov-18 13:07:42

I vary according to season so just look at whatever is British & that forces me to change throughout the year.

Currently savoy and pointed cabbages are in, Brussels just started & parsnips and swede.

I also do leeks, celeriac, broccoli, peas, spinach, courgette, well, to be honest, I put every almost vegetable in the veg aisle with my roast at some point! I like 4 veg with a roast, so roughly 1/4 plate meat, 1/4 spuds and 1/2 veg.

BillyAndTheSillies Sun 04-Nov-18 13:18:24

Today's sides are roast potatoes, roasted thyme carrots, roast beetroot, broccoli and cheesy leeks.
I was going to do dauphinois but DH doesn't fancy them.
Having it with chicken so a bit of a test run for Christmas dinner.

TeddyIsaHe Sun 04-Nov-18 13:21:05

Creamed Savoy cabbage is my go to at the moment - chop and fry an onion and some garlic, whilst they’re going slice the cabbage quite thinly. It’s pan, heat on low and cook until almost done. Add a few big spoons of creme fraiche and cook slowly till it thicken slightly. Season and add in grated nutmeg. So good!

Also roast butternut squash is excellent with pork (keep the skin on so it hold its shape, you can eat it)

Definitely cauli cheese.

tastylancs Sun 04-Nov-18 13:35:02

Thank you all so much. This going to be my Sunday go to list!

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TroysMammy Sun 04-Nov-18 13:40:52

Medium-sized red cabbage sliced. 2 pears, peeled, cored and grated. 2tbsp red wine vinegar, 1 tsp honey, 25g butter, 6 cloves, salt and pepper. Cook in a lidded saucepan for 30-40 mins on low, stirring occasionally.

TroysMammy Sun 04-Nov-18 13:42:34

The red cabbage can also be frozen.

Svalberg Sun 04-Nov-18 13:46:53

Stir fried leeks with chillies is our staple side, other favourites being roasted cabbage chunks with sesame seeds & sweet potato wedges

kikashi Sun 04-Nov-18 14:24:01

red onions, courgette and tomatoes, sweet potatoes all cut into chunks, oil ,salt and pepper a few garlic, herbs (throw in peppers if lurking in fridge and/or aubergine etc) roast for about 30 minutes in the oven. Drizzle iwth a bit of balsamic vinegar if you want it piquant.

kikashi Sun 04-Nov-18 14:24:42

Celeriac is really nice with pork as an alternative to potatoes

KingBee Sun 04-Nov-18 14:53:49

I always do roast butternut squash, spring greens or leafy cabbage and sliced of apple gently fried in butter.

KingBee Sun 04-Nov-18 14:55:19

Hasselback potatoes are a favourite too!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 04-Nov-18 15:21:10

Love this thread.

Rarebit leeks sound brilliant, Madvixen - how do you do them?

I also love the sound of creamed savoy, Teddy.

My favourite super lazy one is carrots cut into small batons - cook in water in the microwave or a pan until almost tender. Drain. Add a squeeze of honey, some salt and pepper and a few cumin seeds and just warm through when ready to eat.

I also just like to roast new potatoes, carrot chunks, sweet potato chunks,chunks of leeks and whole baby onions all together.

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