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Cups as a unit of measure

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Bestseller Sat 03-Nov-18 14:37:30

Is there a way to convert or do I need to buy a set of measuring cups? It seems such a random way to measure things, e.g. A cup of flour vs a cup of cabbage, completely different, but I have lovely American book of recipes aimed at training for my sport which look really tasty as well as good for me.

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TyneTeas Sat 03-Nov-18 14:40:52

There are some practical posts about conversion amidst my anti-cup rant here

HotInWinter Sat 03-Nov-18 14:42:49

You can either Google translate each measurement (because the weight of a cup of flour is very different to the weight of a cup of cabbage), or buy a set of cups.
I cook with scales and cups now. Always convert butter to gramnes tho. Cannot be bothered packing butter into a cup to scoop it out again! Think U.S. butter comes in smaller packets marked up with amounts (like some UK packets come with 50g lines)

Cachailleacha Sat 03-Nov-18 14:45:08

Use a measuring jug?

chemenger Sat 03-Nov-18 14:46:04

US butter comes packaged as four “sticks” in a box. Each stick is half a cup. It’s also marked in tablespoons.

Cachailleacha Sat 03-Nov-18 14:46:19

A US cup is 240ml

thenightsky Sat 03-Nov-18 14:51:43

I got a set of cups for 99p from Morrisons.

womanhuman Sat 03-Nov-18 14:54:28

Cups are much easier than weighting, get some!

cdtaylornats Sun 04-Nov-18 09:10:34

Converting US Cups to grams isn't simple. Because it's volume it depends

1 cup butter = 225g
1 cup almonds flaked = 85g ; ground = 100g ; whole = 150g

Dafspunk Sun 04-Nov-18 09:12:10

Just buy some cups - so much easier than trying to convert, especially if not just for a one-off recipe.

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