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What side do YOU have with shepherds pie?

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Mummaluelae Fri 02-Nov-18 15:29:27

Long story short. Moving soon so just using up all food we have in fridge freezer and cupboard before we go.
So tonight is shepherds pie. I'm not going to buy any extra ingredients either. I usually have it with a side of veg or salad but were out of salad and I'm not looking to do veg because ds won't eat that and prob won't eat the Shepard's pie either come to think of it!
Aibu to serve with chips?

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nancy75 Fri 02-Nov-18 15:30:39

It’s got potato on it already, Shepard’s pie & chips is a bit weird grin

MamaHechtick Fri 02-Nov-18 15:31:14

Baked beans?

Batinahat Fri 02-Nov-18 15:32:07

Baked beans in our house!

anitagreen Fri 02-Nov-18 15:32:13

Baked beans and tinned tomatoes

millkcowmama Fri 02-Nov-18 15:33:05

Normally have it with peas. Double potatoes with chips. If I went with chips I would make sure the loads of gravy

seekingclarity Fri 02-Nov-18 15:33:44

Baked beans or peas. Definitely not chips.

MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Fri 02-Nov-18 15:34:09

i put everything in it, carrots, sometimes peas, or beans ...never peas and beans though, that would be crazy.

cottage/shepherds pie and chips is very 1980s pub dinner!

notacooldad Fri 02-Nov-18 15:34:23

Maybe peas but I don't normally have anything else with it.

HCHQ Fri 02-Nov-18 15:37:28


But leeks & cheese on the top a la Delia rocks!

cricketmum84 Fri 02-Nov-18 15:38:49

Normally garden peas. I love shepherds pie with beans but the rest of the family look at me like I've just suggested shit with sugar on whenever I suggest it! 😂

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 02-Nov-18 15:48:41

Beans???!!! Blah.

Peas here, or green beans. Broccoli sometimes, but I don't like it much. It has carrots in it already, and sweet potato mixed into the mash.

Pantah630 Fri 02-Nov-18 15:55:04

Peas and lashings of gravy

thenightsky Fri 02-Nov-18 15:56:27

Peas and carrots.

SoleBizzz Fri 02-Nov-18 15:59:57

Roast pots and green beans

anitagreen Fri 02-Nov-18 16:00:39

My grandfather has broccoli and something else maybe carrots but meh I prefer beans and toms

Stringofpearls Fri 02-Nov-18 16:02:46

Nothing, I put all the veg in it! Anything from mushrooms, onion, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots all go in with the mince and gravy, it's a great way to disguise lots of veg.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Fri 02-Nov-18 16:04:55

Peas or green cabbage

INeedNewShoes Fri 02-Nov-18 16:05:43

Something green: kale, spring greens, broccoli

E20mom Fri 02-Nov-18 16:06:32

On its own or with peas.

bigbluebus Fri 02-Nov-18 16:08:26

Pickled red cabbage.

gilmoregal Fri 02-Nov-18 16:09:18

Always carrots usually spring greens or cabbage too.

Salad is weird imo and chips is too carb heavy

Dogsorlogs Fri 02-Nov-18 16:09:59

Peas and gravy

IWouldLikeToKnow Fri 02-Nov-18 16:11:11

Usually some sort of green vegetables in this house

QueenOfMyWorld Fri 02-Nov-18 16:23:13

Chips and peas

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