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Children's cooking knives

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FusionChefGeoff Fri 02-Nov-18 07:56:51

DD(4) loves helping and I'd like to get her some safe kids knives for cutting.

Any recommendations?

She's got apron, utensils set - anything else cooking that I could get?

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WerewolfNumber1 Fri 02-Nov-18 07:59:02

My 3 yr old uses a large plastic “lettuce knife” with a serrated age. Works fine on most stuff and can’t cut him. You couldn’t chop eg a squash with it, but I don’t think he’d be strong enough for that anyway.

Ilovewillow Fri 02-Nov-18 08:27:08

I have this pampered chef knife, had it years! My daughter used to eat with it and my son uses it for cooking!

FusionChefGeoff Fri 02-Nov-18 09:36:39

Is that a plastic blade willow?

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Ilovewillow Fri 02-Nov-18 09:53:23

Fusion - no it's a metal one (rubbish photograph)!

MrsRubyMonday Fri 02-Nov-18 09:57:28

It depends what you're going to be cutting, but sharper knives are usually safer, as they require less force to cut so are less likely to slip. I would just buy a small paring knife or similar and keep it out of reach when not cooking.

I bought my sister a set of silicone bakewear off Amazon a few years ago, had cake moulds, loaf mould, a piping syringe thing, and some other bits, in cute pastel colours. Went down very well. Or an egg timer if you don't have one so she can time her own cooking? More a stocking filler but fun.

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