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Where can I get beetroot houmous?

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littlemisscomper Thu 01-Nov-18 13:41:32

I know I've bought some before but I can't remember where from!! I'm wanting to buy it ready made, there's no time to make my own!

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AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 01-Nov-18 16:47:33

Feast it definitely houmous not a dip? I only ask because M&S and Aldi both do a gorgeous beetroot and mint dip and it’s really thick like houmous. Only thing is it seems to be in their summer ranges and not in stock anymore.

GobKnobbler Thu 01-Nov-18 16:48:46

This one?

Betsy86 Thu 01-Nov-18 16:48:52

Sainsbury’s sell it xx

GiantKitten Thu 01-Nov-18 16:56:49

Aldi have had it as one of a set of 3 in Specially Selected

SandDunesAndSaltyAir Fri 02-Nov-18 19:58:40

E20mom Fri 02-Nov-18 20:05:47

I've got it from both m&s and Tesco before.

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