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cheese fondue recipe

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1805 Wed 31-Oct-18 22:56:47

Thought I'd do a throw-back cheese fondue for an upcoming girly night in.
Never made or eaten one before though!!

Can anyone recommend a good tasty recipe please? Also, what did you dip in it?

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Blondie1984 Thu 01-Nov-18 01:30:55

We did Nigella's recipe a few times and it was pretty good

In terms of what to dip in
chunks of toasted bread (baguette is good), pickles/gherkins, cocktail sausages, dough balls, boiled new potatoes....

It is quite heavy and messy though so not necessarily what I would serve for a girls night but each to their own!

TeddyIsaHe Thu 01-Nov-18 01:57:47

I always use this one. To dip I get nice baguette, new potatoes, cornichons, halved baby plum tomatoes, chorizo, and some veggies of some description.

God I love fondue!

SenecaFalls Thu 01-Nov-18 02:36:46

Tart apples are good to dip, too.

CantUnderstandNoThing Thu 01-Nov-18 02:54:55

I followed this one last time and it was nice although it took ages to melt. We dipped pickled onions, olive bread, pretzels and apple slices.

I also had a platter of vegie sticks and dips as a lighter option, also good to nibble on when other people are hogging the fondue (or rescuing drowning pretzels). grin

1805 Thu 01-Nov-18 16:15:47

do people think a fondue would be a good option for 6 people? (4 adults plus 2 teenagers)

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TeddyIsaHe Thu 01-Nov-18 18:59:07

Definitely, it’s rich enough that you don’t need a huge amount, and it’s so social everyone always loves it when I make one!

Blondie1984 Fri 02-Nov-18 01:58:30

I would tacos or fajitas instead and then maybe a chocolate fondue for dessert - but you know your guests and what they will expect/like so go with your gut!

SergeantPfeffer Thu 08-Nov-18 18:15:01

Bloody LOVE cheese fondue. Make sure you have a crusty fresh baguette for dipping.
I have made my own but it’s a faff so I buy the ready made packets from Waitrose (in the cheese section). It’s the emmi brand. You can sometimes find it in bigger Sainsbury’s too.

Nacreous Thu 08-Nov-18 18:18:44

I love fondue. I use the nigella recipe. Yum!

1805 Sat 10-Nov-18 21:03:25

I tried the Nigella recipe but it didn't come out very well. It was very lumpy and the two cheeses didn't really blend very well.
Should I have taken the rind off the camembert?

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SergeantPfeffer Sun 11-Nov-18 07:50:00

You have to stir fondue for about a million years to get it to come together. That’s why I buy the packets blush

TeddyIsaHe Sun 11-Nov-18 10:25:42

Definitely take the rind off! It doesn’t melt. Did you use a binder of some description? If you toss the cheese in cornflour first and shake off all excess it melts wonderfully together and never splits.

1805 Sun 11-Nov-18 14:23:37

Ah. thanks. I'll try again - I'll probably be fed up of cheese fondue by the time the evening comes round!!
I did a tray of roasted veg to dip, which was nice.

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