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On the go breakfast..,

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bumblebee39 Wed 31-Oct-18 22:15:41

Ideas for on the go breakfast for a 5 year old please xx

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Xiaoxiong Wed 31-Oct-18 22:21:14

Walking or in the car?

We have done ham & cheese croissants, breakfast wraps, peanut butter & jam sandwiches. Boiled eggs ready-peeled with celery salt for dipping (quail's eggs even better) but this only works in the car. Yoghurt in a squeeze pouch (you can get refillable ones) and berries.

stinkypoo Wed 31-Oct-18 22:32:22

How 'on the go'? DD sometimes takes toast in the car, or a bowl of raisins, grapes & apple (or other fruit) or a breakfast bar if desperate

bumblebee39 Thu 01-Nov-18 00:38:31

Bus sorry xx

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kateandme Thu 01-Nov-18 01:04:05

cereal in those little Tupperware boxes.if you get the ones with clip on lid they are really good even for milky cereal.a thermas of porridge.
toast cut up into strips and wrapped in foil.
cheese and bean toastie.
make a scrambled egg but into a toastie so its more secure.
fruit and nuts.
get yourself some good tupperwares and its anything goes

Ricekrispie22 Thu 01-Nov-18 06:00:17

We have packed breakfasts on Saturdays.
Two slices of malt loaf, a pouch of yogurt and a carton of fruit juice
Cheese, ham and tomato mini frittatas made in a muffin tin
Peanut butter and banana sandwiches

Babybearsporij Sun 04-Nov-18 13:36:34

Brioche roll - can be filled or not.
Pain au chocolat
Baked porridge squares
Banana / apple etc - nothing "juicy"
Squeezy yoghurt

Babybearsporij Sun 04-Nov-18 13:37:14

Babybel cheese / similar

trickyex Sun 04-Nov-18 13:44:21

Muffins, made with oats so more filling, with either berries or cheese/bacon inside.

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