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What can I make with crap bread rolls?

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rosettesforjill Tue 30-Oct-18 18:15:03

I made some burger buns today and they add absolute crap - totally underbaked and so heavy. I can't use them for tonight's burgers! But is there anything I could use them in recipe wise? Thinking maybe a topping for some sort of casserole/bake, or a savoury bread and butter pudding? They're carrot, cumin and smoked paprika and the flavour is nice, just the bake is absolute bollocks 

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FekkoThePenguin Tue 30-Oct-18 18:18:50

Could you toast them

TyneTeas Tue 30-Oct-18 18:20:33

Toast them then put on some tomato puree, chopped peppers and some cheese then grill them

FawnDrench Tue 30-Oct-18 18:24:54

French Onion soup
Savoury bread and cheese pudding / strata

rosettesforjill Tue 30-Oct-18 18:27:06

Yum!!! I want to make everything but I'm not sure they'll stretch that far!

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FekkoThePenguin Tue 30-Oct-18 18:42:07

What went wrong with the bake?

rosettesforjill Tue 30-Oct-18 19:43:28

@FekkoThePenguin possibly too much liquid (although the dough felt fine when it went in) or too much water released from the carrots as it baked perhaps? I don't know really, I generally just wing it!

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