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Christmas cake recipe help, please please please!

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Swifey40 Mon 29-Oct-18 17:34:48

We've just moved into our forever house, and I've unpacked all the boxes for the kitchen only to find one missing!!! It happens to be the one with my Christmas cake recipe in, the one I have adapted over the years!! Please help me. I prefer no nuts, and use undyed glace cherries, and no candied peel. Does anyone have a brilliant recipe that they would like to share please cake

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Swifey40 Mon 29-Oct-18 17:37:01

Added caveat ..... We do like it fairly traditional, as I also do a chocolate Yule log, and meringues and mince pies.

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flapjackfairy Mon 29-Oct-18 17:44:02

I use the Mary berry one which involves soaking fruit in sherry for 3 days. It does have almonds but you could leave then out. I think it is under classic Christmas cake. I have tried a few but this one is gorgeous. I won't try any others now.

flapjackfairy Mon 29-Oct-18 17:44:43

Ps did mine on Saturday. It smells divine !

Swifey40 Mon 29-Oct-18 18:04:25

I will look that one up, thanks Flapjack.
Also I now have a very old and temperamental Aga in which to cook said cake. Only two ovens, hot ish and cool ish, so I suppose I just keep an eye on it???

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