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What goes with beef stew except mashed potatoes?

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Sinalley1 Mon 29-Oct-18 16:24:55

DS hates lentils and mashed potatoes. What else can I do with a stew?

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Kewqueue Mon 29-Oct-18 16:25:34

Baked potatoes, rice, polenta, crusty bread.

SunnySomer Mon 29-Oct-18 16:26:09

Saffron risotto

Celticdawn5 Mon 29-Oct-18 16:26:12

soft polenta?

patientzero Mon 29-Oct-18 16:26:14

Cabbage or kale?

ShatnersBalloonFromPennywise Mon 29-Oct-18 16:26:46

Dumplings, crusty bread.

Cherryminx Mon 29-Oct-18 16:26:49


MrsGarethSouthgate Mon 29-Oct-18 16:27:00

Came on to say polenta or sadza.

NoSquirrels Mon 29-Oct-18 16:27:04

Hunks of fresh bread. Salty butter. Yum.

HarrietKettleWasHere Mon 29-Oct-18 16:27:04

Baked sweet potato, potato dauphinois, dumplings, potato croquettes, potato gnocchi.

BarryTheKestrel Mon 29-Oct-18 16:27:29

Roast potatoes. Crusty bread.

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 29-Oct-18 16:27:51

Roasted baby potatoes.
Have you got dumplings in it? If so I wouldn’t bother with potatoes and just serve with brocolli and green beans.
Or made a scone top like a cobbler.
Duchess potatoes are good and a bit retro!

chemenger Mon 29-Oct-18 16:28:10

Roast or boiled potatoes, couscous, sweet potato, chips, rice at a push, flat noodles and pretend its stroganoff, crusty bread, lots of veg.

troodiedoo Mon 29-Oct-18 16:28:26

Some good suggestions, think I'll do beef stew tomorrow.

wonkylegs Mon 29-Oct-18 16:28:53

Suet Dumplings or gnocchi depending on the style of stew

OneStepMoreFun Mon 29-Oct-18 16:29:15

brown rice, white rice, dumplings, dauphinoise potatoes

CovenofMiLsfromHades Mon 29-Oct-18 16:29:31

Dumplings for me too.
Its not traditional but would go nicely with pasta.

TeddyIsaHe Mon 29-Oct-18 16:30:12

Soft, cheesy polenta. Yum!

Andtheresaw Mon 29-Oct-18 16:30:21

serve in a giant Yorkshire pudding with lots of veg. No spud required. Yum!

TheQueef Mon 29-Oct-18 16:32:18

Plate size Yorkshire pudding with a bit of sage and onion stuffing sprinkled in the batter.
Soft top dumplings.
Green beans, cabbage or spring greens.

BluthsFrozenBananas Mon 29-Oct-18 16:35:19

Crusty bread and butter or jacket potatoes if they’re not too close to mash for your DS.

Ta1kinpeece Mon 29-Oct-18 16:36:16

or dumplings

Bloomcounty Mon 29-Oct-18 19:23:57

Doughballs, which I assume are what everyone else is calling dumplings. Or rice. I love beef stew with rice, esp if its a winey stew. Yum!

FekkoThePenguin Mon 29-Oct-18 19:25:26

Couscous. I rather like Couscous.

MissConductUS Mon 29-Oct-18 19:25:51

DH does a beef burgundy that we serve over egg noodles or rice. If there's already a starch in the stew (like potatoes) I wouldn't add another.

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