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Sweet no bits soup

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Lauraadele18 Mon 29-Oct-18 13:09:25

Hi ladies,

Can anyone recommend a sweet tasting healthy soup that has no bits. The kiddies like heinz chicken, oxtail, tomato etc but i dont like all the preservatives in it and would like to make a healthier veg soup. Trouble is they taste earthy or they are thick and bits in which they won't eat.

I have googled for recipes but keep getting sweet potatoe recipes as soon as i mention sweet soup.

Any suggestions welcome

Thanks xx

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LIZS Mon 29-Oct-18 13:12:34

Butternut squash, carrot?

Bubblysqueak Mon 29-Oct-18 13:13:23

Sweet potato and butternut squash is nice.

paap1975 Mon 29-Oct-18 13:14:24

Carrot and orange?
Parsnip and apple?
Blended with a stick blender

Meet0nTheIedge Mon 29-Oct-18 13:18:10

Mary Berry's butternut squash and red pepper is nice.

SwaylorTift Mon 29-Oct-18 13:24:28

Pea and ham is surprisingly sweet and can be blended totally smooth. I make mine using frozen peas.

Mummaluelae Mon 29-Oct-18 13:31:14

Pumpkin potato and carrot
Sweet potato chicken and celery

karmakameleon Mon 29-Oct-18 13:38:50

If you're worried about preservatives, Heinz tomato soup doesn't have any. It's the canning process that give the longer self like rather than chemical preservatives.

Ingredients here:

karmakameleon Mon 29-Oct-18 13:40:12

Obviously if it's sugar that's the concern, that doesn't help but I don't think you'll be able make something that competes without the sweetness.

IHeartKingThistle Mon 29-Oct-18 13:41:40

Mine are very into leek and potato with feta crumbled on top.

Gazelda Mon 29-Oct-18 15:46:51

Sweet potato and caramelised red onion.

BluthsFrozenBananas Mon 29-Oct-18 15:54:34

Parsnip and apple or carrot and orange are very sweet. If bits are a huge issue id blend then put through a sieve. Adding single cream or full fat milk reduces thickness without the soup getting too watery.

Twotabbycats Mon 29-Oct-18 16:02:45

I do one with carrot, onion, leek and lentils (sometimes I add sweet potatoes but it still tastes sweet without them). Cook in veg stock. Season with tomato purée, oregano, thyme, paprika (all or whichever you fancy). Blitz till smooth.

I think the secret is to use lots of veg and just cover with stock so there is a high veg-stock ratio.

Pea and courgette with mint is nice too, or pea and broccoli. I cook the peas separately in a tiny bit of stock first, then purée them before adding to other ingredients for a smoother texture. Then blitz everything at the end.

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